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Enjoy guided breathing and meditations to calm the mind and relax the body; a healthy you. Radiate from the inside out with our individual Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultations in Outlook, Saskatoon, and online.

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Guided Breathing & Meditations

Guided Breathing & Meditations

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Nutrition Consultations

Radiate from the inside out!

Through the practice of holistic nutrition, you will improve your mental clarity, energy levels, confidence, and physical performance. 

We will work with you to create a personalized plan that suits your lifestyle and achieves your individual health goals.

Available in-person in Outlook & Downtown Saskatoon

and online over zoom.

The Coaching Process

  • Book your Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultation below

  • Complete the Intake Form

  • During your Initial Consultation we'll discuss​​

    • An overview of Ayurvedic Nutrition

    • How this applies to you as an individual

    • Identify what matters most to you regarding your health

    • Set Goals including big picture, long-term, short-term, and daily

  • During your Follow-Up Consultation we'll discuss​​

    • How you feel your goals are going (measuring growth)​

    • Celebrate your successes

    • Evaluate and identify next steps

  • Your Third Consultation is based on individual need; this could be one week after, one month, or a seasonal check-in. 

Investment: $89/session or $250 Coaching Package

*Option to add-on meal plans and/or movement plans created for you


Online Yoga Studio Memberships

Give it a go, get into the flow!

Join us September - June for live, online yoga classes and group coaching including mindfulness and nutrition, to reach your ultimate desired lifestyle.

All ages, all flexibilities, and beginners welcome!

The above schedules are for virtual offerings with times for specific locations.

Remember to check our LIVE Yoga Calendar for up to the minute additions and cancellations of yoga classes and events.

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