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Lotus Revival Yoga - Our Journey

Give it a go, get into the flow!


Time for a Staycation!

May 2024

Every year leading up to the summer solstice I find I'm bursting with energy because of the longer hours of daylight, warmer weather, and generally being surrounded by the vivid colours of nature. To help keep me grounded, our family decided to have an intentional staycation. We went and explored local trails that were new to us, dipped our feet (and paws) in the river, and smelled the sage and blossoming flowers. I hope you find some time to enjoy the beautiful offerings of spring as well, wherever you are.

Urban Yoga Retreat.jpg

Relax & Recharge

April 2024

I find that during springtime in Saskatchewan I really need to be mindful of my energy levels. The hours of daylight increase quickly, the weather is warmer, and the beach is ready for a lot of barefoot walks. I get so excited for these seasonal changes that I tend to exhaust myself. This spring I had the wonderful opportunity of hosting our first Urban Yoga Retreat to an incredible group of women. We shared yoga practices, a walk along the South Saskatchewan River, delicious food from Living Sky Cafe, and really connecting conversations. This is exactly what I needed to feel relaxed and recharged at this time of year; I hope even more so, that it was relaxing and recharging for each of the participants.

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 9.54.04 AM.png

Triathlon Time!

February 2024

When I first moved to Saskatoon, my sister who is an avid triathlete, suggested I get involved with the Saskatoon Triathlon Club (STCI) as a way of staying healthy, active, and social. STCI members are a welcoming community of individuals  who are friendly and encouraging. After almost 5 years of being part of the triathlon community, I've finally decided to take the plunge and do my first triathlon! Part of my training will obviously include swimming, cycling, and running; I'll also be incorporating yoga, mindfulness, and nutrition to work towards achieving my goal of successfully completing the Frank Dunn Triathlon at Waskesiu.

Discover Saskatoon.png

Discover Saskatoon

March 2024

This past month I've had the wonderful opportunity meeting with people connected to Discover Saskatoon. During our conversations I've been asked how I ended up in Saskatchewan. In 2016 my mom and I went on a road trip together from Prince George, BC to Toronto, ON and we spent two days and one night in this beautiful city of bridges. It felt like the hidden gem of Canada with incredible food, drinks, architecture, and trails along the river. What I loved most, was the snow that slowly fell from the sky as people continued about their day jogging, going to work, shopping, all while it was below -40C; we both knew this was the perfect city for me!


Community Connection

January 2024

We are very excited to announce the expansion of Lotus Revival Yoga! We are now offering in-person Mindfulness Coaching and Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultations in downtown Saskatoon. Through deep reflection, we decided it is really important to provide in-person offerings for our yoga community who prefer that modality of connection. We are really looking forward to working with you to reach your individual holistic lifestyle goals both on and off the yoga mat.


Business Plan - Complete!

December 2023

I am so excited to share that I completed the YWCA PowerUp Program and as part of this I finally completed a Business Plan! This was as challenging as it was rewarding. The PowerUp Program, and even more so the facilitators, created opportunities for learning, self-reflection, creativity, networking, and empowerment. Empowerment as an individual and business entrepreneur. I not only had the opportunity to grow as an individual but also connect with inspiring like-minded women. I am so grateful for this incredible opportunity.

Radium Collage 2023.png

Radiating in Radium!

November 2023

Our Revitalizing Yoga Retreat in Radium, BC was incredibly memorable! From the moment we buckled up for our adventure I felt energized for all that was ahead! The weather was perfect for a road trip that day so we took the time to admire the frost in Saskatchewan, enjoy the hoodoos in Alberta, and breathe the mountain air in Kootenay National Park British Columbia! The Inn on Canyon was a relaxing location to host our retreat situated in the valley of the mountains. Throughout the weekend we experienced a balance of offerings, adventures, and time to rest and reflect. On a personal note I enjoyed every moment of the entire weekend! When I reflect upon this yoga retreat what stands out for me was when we hiked to the top of a mountain together and took a moment to be immersed in our surroundings; it was truly revitalizing!

Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 9.08.17 PM.png

Planning to do a Business Plan

October 2023

A few months after starting our family business, I enrolled in a marketing course. During this time I was able to dive deeper into why we started our business, what our mission and vision was, and what makes Lotus Revival Yoga unique. This course also provided the information needed to create a Business Plan. I definitely do not consider myself to be a procrastinator however, it wasn't until the Broadway Street Fair when the YWCA PowerUp Program was introduced to me that I finally made the commitment to complete a Business Plan.


Your Yoga Studio - Wherever You Want 

September 2023

This month we had the wonderful opportunity to be vendors at the Broadway Street Fair and 33rd Street Market! It was such a fantastic experience meeting so many people local to Saskatoon as well as visitors. Some of my favourite moments were the conversations with new clients who were so excited to learn their very own home could be their yoga studio! We're really looking forward to expanding our yoga classes and community.


Connecting with the Earth

August 2023

Our beach vinyasa yoga class has definitely been my favourite offering this summer. There is something to be said about your feet in the sand, the river flowing on one side, while the deer run through the forest on the other; and actually saluting the sun as it rises! To provide a deeper connection with the earth, during our beach vinyasa we now have handmade yoga mats by Emily! Emily uses up-cycled materials, her grandmother's loom, and blesses each mat with reiki practices and positive thoughts throughout the process. We are so grateful to Emily for her beautiful, authentic creations.


Making Space for Mindfulness

June & July 2023

It's been two years since we opened the doors to our boutique yoga studio virtually and physically. This summer we took the time to celebrate how far our small family business has grown and focused on our aspirations for the future. My ultimate desire is to feel balance year round. Having energy for family, friends, and myself, which means holistic healthy choices. Offering yoga retreats and classes that I am passionate about to ensure our clients receive the best experience! Also remembering that although I can say yes to everything, that will not help me achieve my goals. I am really excited to share all of our new offerings with each of you and hope these will help you achieve your ultimate desired lifestyle as well!

Chakra Alignment Retreat Reflections 

May 2023

This past weekend I was absolutely honoured to spend the day with 9 amazing women at our Chakra Alignment Yoga Retreat ✨ We shared vinyasa and yin yoga practices, guided meditations, candle gazing, mudras, chats about chakras, a reiki session with crystals, and a lot of laughs! It was so heartwarming to be part of an experience where people were openly sharing and connecting. I’m not sure if my chakras were all in alignment but by the end of the day I definitely felt a sense of peace and gratefulness for the time we shared together ❤️ 

Tea Time!

April 2023

We had so much fun visiting our friend Tory, Founder of Vic & Jo. Tea Co. in Kelowna! Tory and I met at an online Marketing Mastery course and this month we got to meet in real life! We shared many stories of being female entrepreneurs, lots of laughter, and of course tea! Joel and I are daily steepers of Tory's amazing tea, our favourites being As Ladylike as I Wanna Be and When in Doubt Chill Out. Did you know we also feature Tory's tea at our yoga retreats, in our retreat gift baskets, and as part of our ongoing giveaway baskets?

Blossoming into Spring Retreat Reflections

March 2023

What an amazing day of yoga, wilderness, and connection at Ancient Spirals! The sun was shining, the snow was sparkling, and the smiles were happening all day long. I especially enjoyed meeting people from many walks of life and listening to the stories and experiences they shared, sharing my passion of yoga both on and off the mat, feeling grounded during Becky’s reiki session, all while being surrounded by nature. Every retreat is memorable in its own unique way because of the people who join; I am so grateful to each individual person who was part of our Blossoming into Spring Yoga Retreat as they all made it such a beautiful day!

Yoga Teacher Training - On & Off the Mat

February 2023

I find that I'm very reflective at this time of year as this is when I invested in Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) with Oranj Fitness just over 2 years ago. I looked into many different Canadian Yoga Alliance YTT and was indecisive about all of them, until I came across the Oranj website and knew it was the perfect fit. In saying that, I also remember being very nervous to click "register" on their website. I already had my career in education for over 15 years as a Classroom Teacher, Teaching Principal, Literacy Coach, not to mention investing a lot of energy and money in 2 Masters in Education. Although Oranj provides a lot of information before you sign-up, you never really know what you're going to get with anything you invest in, until you actually experience it for yourself. I learned so much about yoga and myself during my Yoga Teacher Training. These teachings and experiences continue to resonate with me every single day both on and off the mat. From planning stellar classes for all ages, all fitness, levels, and beginners to yoga, to repeatedly having the confidence to put myself out there because I know I had very high quality, if not the best, Yoga Teacher Training.

Winter Retreat Reflections

January 2023

The theme of our Winter Revitalizing Yoga Retreat revolved around the Niyamas from the Eight Limbs of Yoga, which is about channelling and embracing your best self. We shared an inner strength vinyasa practice, grounding restorative yoga, sunrise yin yoga, chakra alignment reiki session, delicious meals, cleansing sauna, and time in nature. What I found most memorable was the connection through the sharing of each of our own experiences and perspectives when discussing the Niyamas. I felt like that was the "peak pose" as they say in yoga; that this encompassed all that surrounded it throughout the weekend. I hope our Retreat was everything each person needed and so much more; that everyone had the opportunity to channel and embrace their best self and will continue to hold this in their heart space each moment moving forward. 

*Some photo credits to the participants; thank you for capturing the moments!

Listening Inwards

December 2022

When the winter solstice arrived, we decided to be more aware of what our bodies needed by taking the time to listen inwards. We spent a lot of time in nature, having naps, and sharing nutritious food with friends. 

Marketing Memory

November 2022

I was presented with an amazing opportunity to regularly share my yoga passion at a studio in Saskatoon. I was so excited that I lost temporarily lost track of why I wanted to be a yoga instructor in the first place. At the beginning of 2022 I completed a Marketing Mastery Course with Valerie McTavish. My biggest takeaway from this experience was articulating why I wanted to start my own business: Lotus Revival Yoga works with beginner yoga students to help them achieve a balanced lifestyle both on and off the mat. Had I gone through with this opportunity, I would no longer have a balanced lifestyle myself and therefore have very little to offer others. I am so grateful that marketing memory resurfaced as this experience has made me feel more authentic, passionate, and energized about our business "why". 

*photo credit: Kyla Bouvier​ of 

Back2Nature Wellness and Adventures

Northern Nights

October 2022

I love living in Saskatchewan and when it snows here that is by far my favourite time of year...except for the darkness. However this year has been different because there has been so much to look forward to in the evenings. We've taken the time to try out new restaurants in Saskatoon, meet with friends during the day for long walks so by the time we get home we're ready to snuggle up with a good book and our beagles, share supper and tea with friends, and of course evening yoga classes to look forward to as well. The very last weekend in October I shared an amazing experience with Kyla from Back2Nature Wellness and Adventures when we hosted a twilight yoga and sauna event at Blackstrap Provincial Park. After everyone left, we took the time to catch up in her sauna and when we went back outside we were greeted by beautiful dancing lights. This autumn my nights in the north have definitely been magical! 

Retreat Reflections

September 2022

When you google the word beautiful, Oxford Languages defines it as ‘pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically’ and ‘of a very high standard; excellent’. This is how I would describe my experience at our Revitalizing Retreat in September.

We shared a morning guided meditation on a hilltop, vinyasa yoga in the forest, workshop discussions of the Eight Limbs of Yoga in hammocks, twilight restorative yoga overlooking the river, yin yoga on the beach, a chakra balancing session with Becky from Thee Authentic You, and a closing guided meditation IN the river. Not to mention the food, drinks, walks, and a lot of connection through many heartfelt chats, hugs, and a LOT of laughter!!!

I truly feel that this was something special to the individuals who were there, and really something that words cannot describe. Thank you so much to Miranda, Sandra, Tarra, and Joel for making this such a beautiful experience.

*Photo credits to the participants; thank you for capturing the moments!

A Beagle Blur

August 2022

I've been a bit behind writing our monthly blog because of the blur of August. I decided today in October, to share what happened: I'm not too sure. Our darling puppy Artemis was very unsettled from all of our adventures in July that he kept us awake for most of August with sleepless nights...and days too. I know we still enjoyed the sunshine, nature trails, time at the beach, and a lot of summer naps. The good news is, we now appreciate every single morning that follows puppy Artemis sleeping through the night. 

Living the Lake Life

July 2022

We have been so fortunate that most of our summer holiday has been spent lakeside. Our family had the opportunity to travel to Clear Lake at Riding Mountain National Park MB, Blue Lake at Blue Lake Provincial Park ON, Marie Louise Lake at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park ON, Lake Superior at Lake Superior Provincial Park ON, Lake Huron on Manitoulin Island ON, Georgian Bay ON, and Lake Ontario across the Greater Toronto Area. During this time we felt totally relaxed, adventurous, and revitalized. Being completely immersed in nature on the beach, on the water (and sometimes even in the water), are my favourite experiences to share with family and friends. 

Problems We're Grateful For

June 2022

Earlier this year Krista from Your Creative Life and I crossed paths. This was due to the fact that I signed up for a workshop I unknowingly didn't meet the criteria for and Krista graciously took me on as a client anyway. Krista is a marketing genius and a business guru! Every single strategy Krista has suggested has flourished. She has made owning a business so much fun, really empowering, and we've shared so many laughs I've repeatedly cried during our zoom meetings. The process of starting a business has been more work than I could've ever imagined. What Krista hasn't told me along the way is that if you do succeed, you're going to be working even harder. Lately this has been a wonderful problem to have and I'm so happy Krista is sharing it with us. 

Over the Moon We Own a Business

May 2022

We've had a lot of prospective students ask if we provide equipment for in-person classes outside of the boutique studio so we started investigating options. We discovered that Halfmoon offers special prices to yoga studios of all sizes; it took me awhile to realize that included Lotus Revival Yoga. What a realization this was! Not only were we excited to be able to provide all of the props required for vinyasa to restorative classes, but my goodness we did it, we have our own yoga business!

Sometimes Analog is Best

April 2022

It's been one year since I completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. I have learned so much about yoga both on and off the mat theoretically, physically, spiritually, and personally. Although online yoga is my passion, there is something to be said about in person practice, hand written class sequences, and in particular an analog watch. Even though I preface at the beginning of a yoga class that I'll be looking at my watch throughout our practice to make sure I time the poses equally on both sides, when I look at my smartwatch students share afterwards that it looks like I'm reading texts. However when I use an analog watch, students share that I appear much more connected to the class. There is always something new to learn about being in the moment.

A Sign of Success

March 2022

One of our closest friends gifted us a beautiful, handcrafted sign for our boutique yoga studio. Since receiving the sign we've been excitedly overwhelmed with many upcoming opportunities including two Wellness & Wine Series at the Winery, private monthly events with Women Who Explore, a Wellness Series for a staff team from Vancouver Island, morning yoga offerings with Back 2 Nature during their summer retreats, and our Sunshine Series at the beach. 

Travelling Lotus

February 2022

As our family business continues to flourish both in-studio and online, we had the opportunity to travel to some of our students in Edmonton and Whitehorse. After hiking in Kluane National Park we enjoyed the serenity and stillness of our surroundings with balance and stretch yoga. This also inspired Jennifer to write a guided meditation using this beautiful landscape as her inspiration. 

A First Class Gift

January 2022

We recently received a very thoughtful, generous gift from my first yoga student Janine. I chose to hang the lotus dreamcatcher over my mat so that every time I walk into the studio I see it and remember the overwhelming excitement of teaching my first yoga class. I bring this energy to every class thereafter. I'm so grateful to Janine for warming my heart with the gift of sharing my first class and this beautiful reminder.

All the best in 2022, from our family to you!

December 2021

Our exciting, bustling December abruptly slowed down by a cold snap in the Prairies. Although we missed our daily family adventures exploring the local trails, it provided us time to focus on our family, reading, napping, enjoying our home, and broadening our yoga expertise. 

Artemis has Arrived

November 2021

The arrival of Artemis was like a breath of fresh air for our family. Artemis is so filled with love he doesn't know what to do with it all! Beagles are so good at reminding us to enjoy the moment, cuddle with both arms, and take the time to play! 

Surprising Sunsets

October 2021

Joel and I were sure that the beautiful sunsets we experienced in September would be the last of it's kind for the year. Unseasonably warm weather in Outlook for another month proved us wrong. Each family walk along the river at sunset was pure bliss.


September 2021

One of my favourite moments of the summer was camping together near the shoreline. Watching the sunset with a cozy beach fire was so relaxing all you could do was be completely mindful of the experience soaking up every second. The cool breeze, crackling fire, sound of the water lapping on the sand, colours in the sky, absorbing all that the end of summer had to offer.

We're Actually Doing This!

September 2021

We finished the boutique yoga studio! This was our first renovation together and we had very little idea about what we were doing. We shared lots of laughs throughout and were so happy with the final product. We designed and ordered business cards, a yard sign, promo items, and decided to start a website. Business meetings with our friend who has her own home business as well as the experts at Square One, were a huge support making the process enjoyable.


August 2021

Our first time kayak backcountry camping and we're hooked! We sat together in the silence looking at the mountains and the lake. We swam in glacier water, saw a bald eagle fly over the dock, a moose basking in the water, a loon calling out at sunrise, and so much more. We only used our phones for photos, completely disconnected from the world beyond Maligne Lake. Completely revitalized.


July 2021

I've climbed a lot of mountains over the years but nothing came close to the oasis at the top of the Stanley Glacier hike in Kootenay National Park. Hiking the rock face of the mountain to suddenly reach lush green forest, mossy ground, a waterfall just below your footsteps, it was majestic! It was the first time in the past year that I felt I was fully present in the moment. 

Hidden Gem

June 2021

Summer in Saskatchewan is truly a hidden gem. The sand beaches, crystal clear water, and lush greenery surrounding the river are truly breathtaking. Lots of exciting discussions with friends and family about designs, colours, class ideas, vision statements, studio name possibilities, all while at the beach.  


May 2021

A change of scenery provided clarity for our vision. Camping at Waskesiu National Park included many long walks along the beach, swimming in very refreshing water, and warm campfires under starry skies. Through this beautiful experience we somehow decided to build a boutique yoga studio in our home. The whole drive home we were super excited sharing our designs for our upcoming renovation. Even more exciting meant a trip or five, to IKEA!

Family Walks

April 2021

I officially completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training! Over the course of many family trail walks along the South Saskatchewan River, Joel and I agreed that getting the Canadian Yoga Alliance Certification was the next step. This was a regulatory body that provided yoga students peace of mind that their instructor had in-depth knowledge and understanding of yoga. To obtain this certification I was going to have take a practical, live exam with a Master Yoga Instructor...and I don't exam well! 

Spring into Theory

March 2021

One of my favourite spots to work on the theory component of Yoga Teacher Training was snuggled up in our chair with my favourite gal Arrabella. 

A Wintery Outlook

February 2021

This was only our second winter in Outlook, Saskatchewan but it was by far our family's favourite. There was so much snow and frost it looked like a beautiful winter wonderland! I had started my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Oranj Fitness and decided on this trail walk that by next winter I'd be teaching yoga classes in this beautiful landscape.

Okanagan Inspiration

January 2021

I enjoyed yoga for as long as I could remember but in the autumn of 2015 during a trip to the Okanagan with my mom, I envisioned teaching a yoga class in the vineyards of Quail's Gate Winery. That would be a dream come true! When returning to the Okanagan with two of my best friends in the summer of 2016, I shared this dream as we had a picnic in the gardens of Cedar Creek Winery. In the winter of 2021 as my husband and I were curled up on the couch watching the snow fall through the windows, I shared this dream yet again. At that moment for whatever reason, I finally decided to take the first step and sign-up for Yoga Teacher Training. 

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